Saturday, January 15, 2011

Decorating with Modern Art Pieces

The use of art to decorate living spaces is an affordable way of expressing one’s taste and personal style. Wall décor can easily transform a stark and an uninspiring wall into a work of art and a definite focal point that is impressive in any home. Art pieces can add colour to a plain décor theme while enhancing it and adding cheerfulness. In most cases simple yet colourful and luxurious designs will do the trick for that realistic home décor theme that is not too dramatic. Wall décor can be done in a variety of ways including paintings, collages or prints that result in a masterpiece décor.

Contemporary Black and White Themes

In olden times black and white photos and prints were the norm before the development of colour. Ironically, now when there is a great choice of colour for photography, contemporary designers are going back to black and white prints for their sheer elegance. In interior décor circles, black and white is a popular choice for the emotional and dramatic effect they present. Artists are able to use just the two colours to create any effect such as fantasy or even just a simple realistic appeal. A black and white art piece, be it a collage, photograph or painting is an ideal contrast for a vibrant colour scheme such as an orange, red or yellow wall.

There are several ways of diversifying the artistic finesse that a home could have including the inclusion of frameless art. Traditionally wall art included only pieces that were framed as the frame itself was an expression of art. However, modern art work made from wrought iron and metal do not need an extra frame. Additionally, even traditional art pieces can be creatively included into a contemporary theme by removing the frame and placing them strategically on the wall.

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