Monday, January 31, 2011

Tips for Choosing High Chairs

When there is a baby in the house it is important to purchase a high chair as part of the interior décor and more specifically for the dining area. High chairs are useful when feeding the baby as they get to sit comfortably and at the dinner table they feel like part of the party as they sit independently. As the baby grows older, they can easily learn to feed themselves from a high chair as long as the utensils have suction cups on them so that they stick to the tray. This will prevent them from flinging the plate or cup away and damage other items in the room such as the carpet and other furniture.

Safe High Chairs

For a high chair to serve its purpose well, certain factors have to be considered including its stability. This can be tested by giving it a firm push and a stable chair will remain upright after such a shove. The materials used to make the frame of the chair must be strong and a cross bar on the legs will increase its stability. All the legs of the chair must be on the floor at the same time so that the chair does not rock to and fro.

The seat of the chair should be made of material that is not irritant to the baby’s delicate skin. The tray and other parts of the chair should also have rounded edges to prevent injury. The hinged parts of the chair should have a lock that is not within reach of the child and the chair should have a harness to prevent the baby from falling off the chair. Chairs that have nooks and crannies may present a challenge in cleaning and so choose one that is easy to clean and with a washable fabric.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Planning a Family Picnic

Family picnics are a great way to socialize and can be quite memorable especially in fair weather. However, even when the sun is not out, an indoor family picnic can be organized which is an opportune chance to enjoy the home’s interior décor. Planning a family picnic is fairly easy since the guest list is uncomplicated and determined. The favourite snacks and meals for different members are also known and for further clarification consultations can be done effortlessly. The success of any event is partly due to the location and this also applies for a sensational family picnic experience. Popular spots include parks with some using picnics as a selling point, making them very scenic and complete with all the necessary amenities. However, a spacious yard is also ideal for a family picnic.

Healthy Picnic Snacks and Drinks

Apart from socializing, people want to eat and drink to their fill at picnics so it is important to have enough food and cooled drinks for everyone. It is better to have surplus than not to have enough, especially the drinks. Since there is usually a tendency to overeat, it is advisable to prepare healthy snacks that will not cause stomach upsets later. Fruits like apples, melons, pineapples and bananas are not only great tasting but also healthy and cooling so be sure to pack lots of these. Salads will also provide variety as well as being healthy snacks and bitings.

Most importantly, check the weather conditions of the picnic destination before leaving the house. Though disappointing, it may be better to reschedule than to have a picnic in the rain! However, the living room or gazebo may also be used as a picnic spot if the weather outdoors is unfavourable. This will give the family a chance to appreciate the interior décor and play indoor games.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Transforming a Young Adult’s Room

When children transition to young adulthood, there are many changes that occur in their lives which most often than not affects their living spaces necessitating a change in their interior décor. The changes they effect usually have the stamp of their new found identity and freedom. Since most young adults are either still in college or starting out in their first job, sticking to a budget is very important. This however does not mean that style and class has to be compromised. A bedsitter can be transformed to look like a full apartment with just a few minor adjustments. For starters, the walls and ceiling should be painted a neutral colour to give the illusion of space and a well lit room.

Tackling Young Adults’ Storage Issues

The bed should then be placed lengthwise at the centre of the longest wall, complete with a head board and foot board. Adding several pillows on the bed will make it look like a sofa. These should also be in a neutral colour for the same reason of creating space and light. Storage issues may be tackled by using end tables that have drawers or shelves which will serve two purposes. These when place at both ends of the bed will make the room look more grown up. Ottomans are great as footstools or coffee tables and can greatly handle the storage issue for a young adult when they have lids and act as trunks. They can also be used as extra seating for guests.

A young adult’s pad is never complete without an entertainment centre, placed right in front of the bed. Choosing one with doors and shelves will reduce clutter by storing CDs and even a mini fridge. Placing mirrors and artwork will also increase the illusion of space while also maturing the room’s interior décor.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Installing Outdoor Security Lighting

Security is important in a home and not just to protect the human life but also for safeguarding a homeowner’s investment including the interior décor. A well lit compound will deter criminals from approaching as they use the dark to hide their presence. Installing outdoor security lighting can be costly but this will depend on the type of lighting and the additional features that come with it. Some security lighting also doubles up as motion sensors. These go on when movement is detected, however their sensitivity can be adjusted so that they are not switched on when tree branches move in the wind. They go off immediately movement ceases thereby saving energy. They should be inaccessible to intruders.

Types of Outdoor Security Lighting

Another way to light up the yard is the use of solar lighting. The solar panels are charged by the sun during the day and when darkness sets in the lights switch on automatically. This is also an energy saving technique as it uses natural sources to power the lighting. Floodlights are also used for security and landscape lighting. A common type of this is the high intensity discharge. The bulb for this lighting is filled with gas and a high voltage light is created either electronically or magnetically to give off a blue-green light. They are energy efficient and last long though they are more costly. They also require some time to warm up and alternative lighting should be considered incase of power outages.

Floodlights also come in the form of halogen lights. These deliver intense light from a carbon filament dangled between posts inside the bulb. A white or yellow glow of light results when electricity passes through this filament. They are not very striking as far as aesthetics go but could be enhanced by other types of security lighting.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Choosing a Nursery Mobile

Decorating a baby’s nursery is most exciting and items used for a nursery interior décor are usually so cuddly and bright. Of course the foremost consideration should be to make the nursery comfortable such that it mimics the baby’s previous habitation as close as possible in warmth. Additionally the items used for nursery décor should be able to stimulate the baby’s development as they grow. One such item that helps a baby’s cognitive development is a nursery mobile. These sometimes come attached to the crib while others can be purchased and installed on the crib or the nursery ceiling.

Colour, Music and Movement

A nursery mobile is an important item though it should not stick out but blend in harmoniously with the nursery décor. To achieve this certain factors have to be considered key among them the colour. A mobile is meant to primarily help in visual stimulation and also colour recognition. For newborns black and white tend to be most stimulating colours while for bigger babies yellow, red and blue do the trick. It is therefore important to choose a mobile with most of these colours to cover at least the first six months of a baby’s development. The different shapes incorporating these colours also help a baby in developing their motor skills and so choose a mobile that has a variety of exciting shapes in different colours.

As the name suggests, mobiles are meant to move. Most move only horizontally but others move both horizontally and vertically and are pricier, however they are more visually stimulating and exciting. Mobiles are also useful in promoting relaxation and hearing and this is why most come with a music box attached to them. It is however, important to make sure that the music is relaxing and will not cause agitation or restlessness to the child.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bright Décor using Fresh Daisies

Flowers are a definite fresh addition to any room’s interior décor due to their scent and their vibrant colours which is usually contrasted with the green foliage. Among these colourful décor inclusions are daisies which are available in a variety of colours such as orange, yellow, red, white, pink and purple. With such an array of colour it is no wonder that they are increasingly becoming popular as they can complement any décor colour scheme. The blooms are usually large about four inches with bright yellow centres and glowing petals. Flowers including daisies are great for brightening any room including kitchens, bedrooms, the living room, entrance porch and even the swimming pool.

Colourful Daisies for any Room

Daisy petals float freely and beautifully in water and can be used to liven up a dinner table by including pieces of lime or lemon in the water. This type of arrangement requires an elegant glass vase or bowl that will strikingly showcase the petal’s vibrant colour. When having a garden or poolside party, daisies can be thrown into the garden pond or swimming pool for a summery flair. Daisies can creatively be used in the bedroom to add to the romantic atmosphere by placing them in a clear bowl together with scented candles. For the extra sophistication the candles and the daisies should coordinate the bedroom décor and specifically the colour scheme.

To add to the freshness in the bathroom, daisies can be used as they will also enhance the bathroom’s décor theme. They can be used to create any effect depending on the prevailing theme such as romanticism or a tropical theme. Pink daisies will definitely enhance a romantic theme while vibrant colours such as red and orange will boost an island theme. Daisies done on paper add a fanciful, crafty idea to a child’s room.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Insuring Your Health

Health insurance is a vital coverage for any family just as the home they live in and its interior décor. Most people do not take this coverage seriously until they fall sick and the huge medical bills almost floor them both physically and financially. A young family may not need that much medical attention unless there are some pre-existing or congenital conditions that warrant constant medical care. With the escalating medical fees and the lifestyle today, medical insurance should not be a luxury. It is a saving scheme where the premiums paid periodically can offset a huge medical bill that may be insurmountable otherwise.

Health Insurance Covers and Premiums

They say that variety is the spice of life and there are also numerous medical insurance packages out there and choice has to be made. Some cover more services while others have higher premiums. Others still will not cover certain conditions while other will do so at an extra fee. Depending on the budget set aside for medical insurance, the best choice has to be one that will cover most services, due to future uncertainty, and one that is affordable and within the budget. It is cheaper to have a comprehensive cover for the whole family rather than individual covers and new members to the family either through marriage or by birth have to be promptly added to the package.

Medical insurance will give the family peace of mind just like having an alarm system will do. This is especially helpful since some covers are effective immediately upon payment of the first premium, while some take a short time; say thirty days or so, to be effective. There is stiff competition in the health insurance sector due to the increased number of service providers making the premiums and other fees lower resulting in affordable health insurance.