Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bright Décor using Fresh Daisies

Flowers are a definite fresh addition to any room’s interior décor due to their scent and their vibrant colours which is usually contrasted with the green foliage. Among these colourful décor inclusions are daisies which are available in a variety of colours such as orange, yellow, red, white, pink and purple. With such an array of colour it is no wonder that they are increasingly becoming popular as they can complement any décor colour scheme. The blooms are usually large about four inches with bright yellow centres and glowing petals. Flowers including daisies are great for brightening any room including kitchens, bedrooms, the living room, entrance porch and even the swimming pool.

Colourful Daisies for any Room

Daisy petals float freely and beautifully in water and can be used to liven up a dinner table by including pieces of lime or lemon in the water. This type of arrangement requires an elegant glass vase or bowl that will strikingly showcase the petal’s vibrant colour. When having a garden or poolside party, daisies can be thrown into the garden pond or swimming pool for a summery flair. Daisies can creatively be used in the bedroom to add to the romantic atmosphere by placing them in a clear bowl together with scented candles. For the extra sophistication the candles and the daisies should coordinate the bedroom décor and specifically the colour scheme.

To add to the freshness in the bathroom, daisies can be used as they will also enhance the bathroom’s décor theme. They can be used to create any effect depending on the prevailing theme such as romanticism or a tropical theme. Pink daisies will definitely enhance a romantic theme while vibrant colours such as red and orange will boost an island theme. Daisies done on paper add a fanciful, crafty idea to a child’s room.

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