Sunday, December 12, 2010

Planning an End-Year Office Party

The Christmas office party is a great social event where colleagues get to have fun together and end the year in style. A well planned party will leave everyone charged up for the New Year. The first step in having a great party is to make sure that there is quorum, so have invitations out early enough so that everyone can confirm attendance. These can easily be sent out electronically via the office intranet. The time should be convenient for most and lunch time bashes are ideal since it is still within the office hours and the staff is expected to be around.

Venues for an Office Party

The office boardroom or the reception area is an ideal party venue and should be set up in fitting party and holiday décor well before hand. Open office plans also make for great party venues. However, when the office space is limiting consider other options such as restaurants for the end year party. This is ideal especially if there is still quite a heavy workload since the restaurant staff will take care of the party décor and the food. A restaurant bash can be held in the afternoon or early evening. Most workers will not turn down a party with enough food and drink and the restaurant should provide enough of both. Make sure there is enough sitting space so that all can sit comfortably to have their meal and enjoy the party.

Make the party interesting by giving awards which will also be an incentive for attendance. These can be wacky such as the ‘best dressed’ or ‘scariest phone etiquette’. Keep it short to a maximum of one hour, the start and end time of the party should be indicated in the invite. Have people clean up after themselves if the party is in the office.

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