Saturday, November 27, 2010

Choosing Home Gym Colour Schemes

For the most part the interior decorating for a home gym must be invigorating, revitalizing and stimulating for effective workout sessions. A major consideration in this room’s décor is colour as it affects our moods and emotions making workouts either exciting or a dull chore. It may be assumed that the best colours for a home gym are then bright and crazy however practical is more like it to avoid tiring the eyes. The type of activities for the gym will also inspire the colours used in the gym making a cool blue ideal for a yoga room. For cardio exercises, orange is a good colour that expresses energy. However one may want to avoid red due to its hunger inducing quality!

Colour Effects on Workout Activities

Murals are a great way of accentuating gym walls and a great mural idea is one with people exercising which will be a huge boost moral-wise. Purple has the quality of keeping one alert and also is associated with transformation which is what a home gym is all about. Two tone walls are great for mixing bright colours and the not so bright in a creative way using trims like a chair rail. Different walls can have different colour effects like a green wall to bring in the outdoors while adding freshness and life contrasted with an orange or blue one for a truly energizing gym.

Any of these colours can be incorporated in the flooring which is ideally a carpet for sound muffling and for comfortable support of the lower limbs especially during floor exercises. Gym equipment comes in a variety of vibrant colours including neutral themes that complement any décor theme. The colour scheme and interior decorating chosen including the lighting and its effect on colour, should encourage rather than thwart the efforts of keeping fit.

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