Friday, January 28, 2011

Installing Outdoor Security Lighting

Security is important in a home and not just to protect the human life but also for safeguarding a homeowner’s investment including the interior décor. A well lit compound will deter criminals from approaching as they use the dark to hide their presence. Installing outdoor security lighting can be costly but this will depend on the type of lighting and the additional features that come with it. Some security lighting also doubles up as motion sensors. These go on when movement is detected, however their sensitivity can be adjusted so that they are not switched on when tree branches move in the wind. They go off immediately movement ceases thereby saving energy. They should be inaccessible to intruders.

Types of Outdoor Security Lighting

Another way to light up the yard is the use of solar lighting. The solar panels are charged by the sun during the day and when darkness sets in the lights switch on automatically. This is also an energy saving technique as it uses natural sources to power the lighting. Floodlights are also used for security and landscape lighting. A common type of this is the high intensity discharge. The bulb for this lighting is filled with gas and a high voltage light is created either electronically or magnetically to give off a blue-green light. They are energy efficient and last long though they are more costly. They also require some time to warm up and alternative lighting should be considered incase of power outages.

Floodlights also come in the form of halogen lights. These deliver intense light from a carbon filament dangled between posts inside the bulb. A white or yellow glow of light results when electricity passes through this filament. They are not very striking as far as aesthetics go but could be enhanced by other types of security lighting.

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