Saturday, January 29, 2011

Transforming a Young Adult’s Room

When children transition to young adulthood, there are many changes that occur in their lives which most often than not affects their living spaces necessitating a change in their interior décor. The changes they effect usually have the stamp of their new found identity and freedom. Since most young adults are either still in college or starting out in their first job, sticking to a budget is very important. This however does not mean that style and class has to be compromised. A bedsitter can be transformed to look like a full apartment with just a few minor adjustments. For starters, the walls and ceiling should be painted a neutral colour to give the illusion of space and a well lit room.

Tackling Young Adults’ Storage Issues

The bed should then be placed lengthwise at the centre of the longest wall, complete with a head board and foot board. Adding several pillows on the bed will make it look like a sofa. These should also be in a neutral colour for the same reason of creating space and light. Storage issues may be tackled by using end tables that have drawers or shelves which will serve two purposes. These when place at both ends of the bed will make the room look more grown up. Ottomans are great as footstools or coffee tables and can greatly handle the storage issue for a young adult when they have lids and act as trunks. They can also be used as extra seating for guests.

A young adult’s pad is never complete without an entertainment centre, placed right in front of the bed. Choosing one with doors and shelves will reduce clutter by storing CDs and even a mini fridge. Placing mirrors and artwork will also increase the illusion of space while also maturing the room’s interior décor.

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