Friday, November 26, 2010

Choosing Bathroom Wall Covering

The interior decorating in the bathroom can be notably enhanced by having the right bathroom wall covering. Bathrooms tend to have a lot of moisture from steam and this is true for both large and small bathrooms, regardless of the ventilation. Firstly the colour, design and style of the entire bathroom have to be considered when doing the bathroom wall. Paint is becoming increasing popular as covering for the bathroom wall. However the choice of paint must be able to withstand moisture from steam to some degree as well as being of a matching or complementing colour as the entire bathroom décor.

Functional Bathroom Wall Covering

The most obvious choice for bathroom walls is ceramic tiles which are available in a number of decorative designs and colours to suit any décor theme. However, tiles have grout which ends up as a line patterns which must not detract from the bathrooms appearance and decor. Tiling the entire bathroom wall, ceiling to floor, will give a look like a public restroom. Tiling should be up to 36” to 38” high and the rest of the wall should be painted or covered with other equally suitable material. Tile board is another popular wall covering that looks like ceramic tile only it comes in four foot by eight foot panels, making installation a breeze. This covering repels moisture and is quite affordable, though its beauty fades quite fast.

Wallpaper specially made for bathrooms is available in a variety of colours, designs and styles to complement any bathroom décor. Large patterns of wallpaper are ideal for large bathrooms as they visually reduce the size. Vertical lines add height to the bathroom and horizontals widen it. The choice of bathroom wall covering should reflect the style and interior decorating of the entire home, be easy to maintain and withstand moisture.

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