Sunday, December 5, 2010

Dreaming of a Red Christmas?

Christmas is a joyful season with several colours associated with it. Red is one of the colours considered a Christmas colour. This is a vibrant colour that evokes several emotions from purity to danger. When used with a combination of other colours, these effects are either toned down or heightened. It is a colour that is used to grab attention and it denotes power and hence the red power tie for business people and the red carpet for celebrities and VIPs. Red is a stimulant and is the hottest of the warm colours hence its use as a Christmas colour to warm up the winter holiday.

Warming up the Christmas Spirit

Red colour can be used to a great advantage during this holiday season in combination with other colours as paint. It is not uncommon to change the paint colour in a home during this festive season in preparation for the New Year. Painting one wall in the living room red to showcase it as the main wall and the backdrop for Christmas decorations like the Christmas tree adds a refreshing change. Red can also be painted on the wall housing the fireplace and decorating the mantle in beautiful Christmas décor such as stockings in contrasting colours. The red on the fireplace wall will also increase the warmth created by the fire.

Other variants of red such as pink and orange can be used in the same way as red to heighten the warmth of the holiday season. An orange wall instantly warms up the room and this is an ideal paint colour for the bedroom or the bathroom, both of which are considered to be tranquil rooms. Maroon, burgundy or tomato red paint colour is ideal for the dining room wall and will add the needed energy and lively atmosphere to the Christmas dinner.

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