Saturday, December 4, 2010

Bedroom Wall Christmas Decor

The bedroom is the home’s sanctuary and even during the Christmas festivities, the tranquility of this room should be enhanced if not heightened by the holiday décor. The bedroom wall is a large enough surface that can be used to bring in the holiday cheer into the bedroom. Garlands are a holiday staple decoration that is used on fire place mantles and railings but can be run along the bedroom wall or used to line pictures and other wall hangings. Bows and lights can be added to a string of garland for a chic holiday décor theme. This season can be used to also change the wall colour if desirable and the holiday colours white, red, blue and green can be used advantageously to colour the bedroom walls in paint, wallpaper or murals.

Christmas Scene Bedroom Wall Murals

A Christmas scene wall mural is a good idea for holiday decoration in the bedroom. The mural may be traditional, biblical manger scene or a white Christmas theme like a snowy landscape with a Santa Claus and all his cronies including a snowman. Another contemporary scene may include a beautifully adorned Christmas tree next to a fireplace or in a garden. Colourful removable wall accents in a holiday theme such as bells, balls and stars can be put up just for the season as long as they complement the room’s décor and add to the holiday cheer.

The wreath is another Christmas décor staple that can be hung on the bedroom door, especially the interior or on the bedroom wall to further complement the holiday décor. The glow of Christmas lights running along such a wreath or a garland will give it more character. Christmas lights on the wall perimeter where it meets the ceiling will warm up the bedroom stylishly while adding to the holiday cheer. 

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