Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Decorating with Flowers for Christmas

Flowers are incorporated as part of décor when celebrating happy times in life and Christmas is no exception. Flowers symbolize vitality and renewal of life which is the very essence of Christmas and the reason why they brighten up a hospital room. There are several Christmas flowers such as the Christmas rose, holly, ivy, mistletoe and poinsettias which may vary with customs and different locations.  For some people it is practical to use the most available flower or plant to decorate their living spaces during this season such as cactuses which are hardy plants that symbolize withstanding diverse weather conditions.

Centrepieces for the Christmas Dinner

Christmas flowers will definitely set the festive mood rolling wherever they are placed. Christmas cactuses and poinsettias are popular potted plants for the season that brighten up any window sill, be it in the kitchen, living room or the bathroom. Floral arrangements such as the Christmas rose, carnations or poinsettias are idea table centrepieces for the living room, dining room and the kitchen table. Floral gift baskets are also ideal centrepieces that add quite some drama to the Christmas dinner table. Holiday greenery such as Christmas trees and wreaths are a tradition that heralds the festive season especially when placed at the front door, bathroom and living room, which are the most used rooms in a home.

The mistletoe is a fun filled Christmas flower that is hung on a doorway for an opportunity to steal a kiss from a loved one when both are standing at the doorway or wherever it is hung. The evergreen holly and its red berries is a wonderful embellishment for a Christmas wreath or on its own. There are artificial holiday flowers that closely resemble the real deal available in the market today which are great for freshening up the room in holiday cheer.

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