Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Health Benefits of Apple Juice

The old adage ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’ is justified the numerous health benefits contained in the apple fruit. The apple is probably the most popular fruit among the health and fitness conscious who believe that health is wealth as it contains helpful disease fighting nutrients. A versatile way of consuming the apple fruit is to juice it, which when done properly ensures that the health benefits of the fruit are maintained in the juice. The skin of the fruit which contains the bulk of Vitamin A in the apple, essential in promoting good eye vision, should be incorporated when juicing the fruit.

Apple Juice aids Weight Loss

Apple juice is also rich in Vitamin C, an effective antioxidant that prevents heart disease, cancers and many other common ailments by reducing the build up of cholesterol. Apples contain natural sugars so apple juice provides an instant burst of energy and is ideal for those recuperating and for general vitality. Apple juice is a good source of both soluble and insoluble fibre which aid in prevention of heart disease and digestion. Apple juice can be mixed with several other healthy vegetables like carrot and celery to make a wholesome cocktail. However apple ciders are apple juice mixed with alcoholic drinks.

The best form of apple juice is the cloudy variety that contains pectin and starch which are removed when the juice is filtered industrially to give a clear liquid. Pectin is responsible for a healthy intestinal tract and colon and helps reduce heart disease and cancer. The starch is broken down by the body to produce sugar responsible for the energy boosting properties of apple juice. It is evident that apple juice is among the healthiest drinks with its ability to reduce cholesterol and its detoxifying properties believed to aid in weight loss.

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josiahjoab said...

It's a discovery that what we eat is medicinal and prevents us from buying manufactured medicine! Question. What is then the differences of the colors of the apples. Do they offer different nutrient?