Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Growing a Rose Garden

Most people with green fingers would love to have roses in the garden for a number of reasons including that the unique scent from these flowers will beautifully enhance the interior decorating of a home. Growing roses is pretty easy if some general rules are adhered to. Roses need up to six hours of direct sunlight daily so the garden intended for rose growing must not be in a shaded area. A blooming rose garden will need to be fertilized, pruned, watered and weeded as the general regulations for rose care. It is important to choose the right rose for the climate and soil of an area, since there are many varieties of roses each with its own care instructions.

Caring for a Rose Garden

Roses are heavy feeders so it is important to feed them with fertilizer often and lightly as they pick a lot of nutrients from the soil and the soil also drains these very quickly. A good rose fertilizer is rich in nitrogen which is essential for a healthy green growth, phosphorus which promotes a strong root system and flower production and potassium essential for a robust and vigorous growth. Roses need a lot of water which must be available deep in the root system so watering must be done deeply. Roses should be watered in the morning so that the leaves are dry by dusk, since damp leaves encourage diseases.

Roses should be groomed or pruned regularly to improve plant appearance and prevent fruit development. Faded flowers should be removed and the first flowers should be cut with short stems to leave a lot of leaf growth on the new plant. A well cared for rose garden will add a beautiful scent that will eventually permeate into the house, while fresh roses will complement any interior decorating in a home.

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