Thursday, December 9, 2010

Cleaning after the Christmas Party

A Christmas party is fun and practical as friends and family are free and comfortable to enjoy and have a memorable time together. However, most floors in the house especially the in the living room and the kitchen will suffer greatly from the increased human traffic and after party debris. It is therefore to do a thorough cleaning after the Christmas party to restore the floor to its intended glory for the coming year, before the next big party. With proper planning this task need not be that daunting. Not all the cleaning need to be done right after the party. It is important to rest and do the major clean up the morning after when fully energized and well rested. However, spills must be cleaned up immediately to prevent them from setting into stains.

Restoring Floors after the Party

For starters clear any debris in the form of plastic party utensils, decorations and gift wrappings into a garbage bag. Be sure to cover all the rooms including the bedrooms and bathrooms. Next, wipe off any major spills before they set and stain the flooring, then sweep or vacuum the floor. For a carpeted floor, thorough vacuuming is necessary and maybe steam cleaning to restore the carpet. Wooden and laminate flooring may need polishing especially if this was not done before the party and if the floor is due for a polish.

The kitchen floor will definitely need a thorough cleaning and possible disinfecting after the Christmas dinner preparations. All spillages, wet and dry, must be cleaned up immediately to prevent slipping and possible accidents. Most kitchen floors are easy to clean, such as ceramic tiles and a thorough mopping with suitable cleaning agents and disinfectants will leave the floor spick and span, ready for sumptuous meal preparations, including party favourites, in the coming year.

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