Sunday, October 24, 2010

Decorating a Home Garage

One room in the house that might be neglected when assigning interior decorating tasks is the garage. This is mostly because most people do not consider this as part of the rooms in a house. However, most garages are big enough for one or two vehicles as well as some room for a variety of uses. Most garages are used for storage of extra stuff from the house and even old furniture; others still use their garages as a recreational room, setting up pool tables, entertainment equipment and other games. Some garages still are used as laundry rooms, art studios and even home gyms.

Multiple Functions of Home Garages

The first step in decorating a garage is removing all the clutter and getting rid of all unneeded items by having a garage sale or donating to charities. The garage floor should be the next consideration and this should be in a material that is easily cleaned, like terrazzo, especially due to grease from the vehicles. An area rug as well as appropriate furniture can be placed in areas that will be used for leisure activities. To ease storage of items like oils, polishes, cleaning detergents and even jacks and other equipment, shelves may be put up on the garage walls.

To give the garage a more homey feeling especially when dad and his buddies spend time here watching sport and bonding, floor lamps can be added to the garage décor. The walls may be decorated in vibrant colours in wallpaper or paint that complement the lighting used. Floral arrangements are a great idea for livening and freshening up garage space. Whatever the use for the garage it is important to keep it in good orderly condition, making it safe and inviting. Including practical interior decorating ideas in the garage set up will do just that.

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