Saturday, October 23, 2010

Decorating a Nursery

One of the most exciting moments in a family is interior decorating for the nursery, which heightens the joy of the new arrival. Baby stuff comes in such soothing colours that one cannot help but be relaxed when planning the living area of the little one. Favourite colours are white, lilac, pink and sky blue soft shades of yellow are also becoming increasingly popular. The furniture in a baby’s room should not be overlooked in terms of colour; otherwise it will off set the décor and colour schemes creating discord and a restless baby and parent. These applies to all categories of furniture; soft as well as hard.

Furniture for the Nursery

Apart from the baby clothes, the single most important piece of furniture is the bed or crib, and fittingly so as babies spend most of their first year sleeping. For those who are budget conscious about their purchases, consider the option of a baby crib or bed that will be used for a number of years by the baby, toddler and even beyond with minor adjustments. A space for changing the baby’s diaper is a must without having to move out of the nursery. Some of these come fitted on top of a storage bureau for diapers and other diaper changing necessities. Once the baby has outgrown the diapers, the changer can be detached and the space converted into a functional dresser.

Nothing waters down the joy of the new arrival like a crying and restless baby and so it is important for aspiring parents to invest in a good rocker that calms the baby to sleep. The power of music cannot be overlooked either and a music box to play soft, soothing tunes to lull the baby to sleep or just for calmness will accentuate the interior decorating in a nursery.

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