Friday, October 22, 2010

Decorating for a Young Adult

Interior decorating ideas for young adults are as unique and diverse as the individual personalities. This is an exciting stage in life where they want to stamp their identity and newly discovered independence in all they do. However the decorating themes differ across genders, especially when it comes to colours. For a male young adult the theme will most likely centre on their favourite activity for example, sport, art, music or drama. Young female adults are on the other hand quite particular about colours and soft furnishings like draperies, throw cushions and even floral arrangements. There are several ways of incorporating stylish and functional decorating ideas to make a young adults room uniquely theirs.

Unique Colours for Young Adults

When it comes to colour most male young adults are more comfortable with patterns than loud colours. Appropriate colours would be black and white, which are always a classic, incorporated with some grey and black trimming in draperies or bed linen. Other colours are blue, green and plaid or brown in different shades done in bold patterns like interlocking circles. For young women brightly coloured throws or area rugs do the trick as do beautiful and functional oriental paper lanterns. For the young man the walls are usually in a laid back colour like brown or purple, while for young women the walls can be as bright as lilac or orange with matching accents.

Most young adults study on the floor or bed, however a desk with space for a computer incorporated into the décor furniture will encourage them to be more organized. Young adults like hosting their friends in their rooms and a sofa, coffee table and television in an area separated by a functional bookshelf should be considered. To get a young adult interested in interior decorating involve them in decorating their own room.

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