Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Accessorizing a Toddler’s Room

When considering interior decorating for a toddler, the foremost concern must be their safety as they start to get around by themselves. Toddlers are very explorative with a very vibrant imagination and so their living spaces must encourage growth. A beautifully done toddler’s room will include a mural either on the floor or on the wall that will inspire the child’s imagination. As they explore and learn to move around from one corner to the other, they may need to support themselves and so items like beds and playpens that they use for this purpose must be firmly supported on the ground to avoid accidents by slipping and falling.

Educational and Creative Accessories

A playpen is an absolute necessity in a toddler’s room and the design and colour must be one that inspires creativity by stimulating the child’s brain. Toys that a toddler uses are a little grown up and not the shakers used by babies. Lego and block sets apart from increasing a child’s motor skill help in colour and shape recognition. Toys and blocks will need a storage space which may be in the form of a chest done in colourful animal prints or landscapes that further stimulate the child’s brain. Decorative and colourful picture frames on the wall will draw the child’s attention and may also inspire the creative abilities.

It is possible to pick out the individual child’s personality and interests even at this early age. For children whose interests are evident it boosts their growth to do their room in a theme depicting this such as sports cars motif for and a Barbie doll or princess theme décor. Most toddler rooms are converted nurseries and so some of the interior decorating accessories might still be useful and relevant albeit with a few modifications or remodeling such as fresh paintwork.

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