Monday, January 3, 2011

Decorating a Family Recreation Room

The recreation room in most homes seems to be neglected when it come to interior decorating. In most cases this is the spare room or the basement that doubles up as the storage for old unused items. However with a little creativity, this room can be turned into a lovely place that the whole family can enjoy spending time in, while enjoying their favourite games and other fun activities. Any clutter or items that can be gotten rid off should be removed from this space and a general assessment of the room done. The space available has to taken into consideration before the different fun and games gadgets are installed.

Creating a Stylish Recreation Room

The floor of the room should be one that is conducive to a lot of traffic while at the same time be attractive and an asset to the different activities. Carpets are a good idea since they come in a variety of colours and design and they muffle sound. For a basement, ceramic tiles might be too chilly while wooden parquet work well for such spaces. The recreation room walls can be done in the theme central to the room with wall coverings like posters and portraits coming in handy. The recreation room is also a great opportunity for displaying trophies and family heirlooms in a trophy cabinet.

Comfortable couches and functional tables can be included around a fireplace or a big screen television as a focal point. For the musical family, a grand piano sits well across a pool table or ping pong table. A mini refrigerator will be essential so that beverages are within easy reach as would be a popcorn machine for those special movie nights. A family recreation room should reflect the home’s interior decorating and be a place where the whole family can be comfortable.

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