Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Decorating with Fresh Cut Flowers

Any room and its interior decorating will benefit from the freshness brought about by fresh cut flowers. Whether they have been bought from a florist or fresh cut from the flower garden there are numerous ways of displaying fresh flowers as there are flowers. Fresh flowers in a room add elegance and the fresh scent can lift the spirit as the flowers convey different messages of love, encouragement or gratitude. Cut flowers can be used to beautifully accentuate any room’s décor in a unique way. The vases or other such vessels used to hold cut flowers also add to the style and beauty of the room.

Fresh Cut Flowers add Elegance

In the bedroom, cut flowers add to the romantic feel of the room while at the same time bring in the freshness of nature into the sanctuary and privacy of the bedroom. They can be placed in small vases on the night stands or in permanently created flower pocket on the wall that can be filled with seasonal floral arrangement all year round. In the dining room, a floral table centrepiece adds the dramatic elegance to the setting, but should not interfere with the main purpose of the event which is enjoying a meal. Therefore, a low profile centerpiece will be more ideal for dinner parties, however, if a larger arrangement is preferred, then it should be removed when people sit to eat.

In the kitchen, fresh flowers add a cheerful touch and a beautiful scent which makes it pleasant to work in the kitchen. Kitchen utensils such as a water glass, a tea cup or even a pitcher can be used to display flowers in an interesting way. To ensure that fresh flower arrangements last longer as interior decorating accents, the buds should be partly open and the water changed every few days.

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