Thursday, January 27, 2011

Choosing a Nursery Mobile

Decorating a baby’s nursery is most exciting and items used for a nursery interior décor are usually so cuddly and bright. Of course the foremost consideration should be to make the nursery comfortable such that it mimics the baby’s previous habitation as close as possible in warmth. Additionally the items used for nursery décor should be able to stimulate the baby’s development as they grow. One such item that helps a baby’s cognitive development is a nursery mobile. These sometimes come attached to the crib while others can be purchased and installed on the crib or the nursery ceiling.

Colour, Music and Movement

A nursery mobile is an important item though it should not stick out but blend in harmoniously with the nursery décor. To achieve this certain factors have to be considered key among them the colour. A mobile is meant to primarily help in visual stimulation and also colour recognition. For newborns black and white tend to be most stimulating colours while for bigger babies yellow, red and blue do the trick. It is therefore important to choose a mobile with most of these colours to cover at least the first six months of a baby’s development. The different shapes incorporating these colours also help a baby in developing their motor skills and so choose a mobile that has a variety of exciting shapes in different colours.

As the name suggests, mobiles are meant to move. Most move only horizontally but others move both horizontally and vertically and are pricier, however they are more visually stimulating and exciting. Mobiles are also useful in promoting relaxation and hearing and this is why most come with a music box attached to them. It is however, important to make sure that the music is relaxing and will not cause agitation or restlessness to the child.

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