Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Salads

The holidays are here and most people worry about putting on a few extra pounds due to indulging in the rich food presented during this season. A great way to reduce this tendency is to eat small portions regularly rather than a huge meal at one go. Another great way to reduce these extra pounds is to snack on fresh fruits and vegetables when the urge for snacking comes along. This can be creatively prepared as holiday salads that are nutritious and light to counter the effects of the other rich foods. Another plus is that salads are fairly easy to prepare as no amount of cooking is necessary, just clean, chop, top or dress and serve.

Healthy Cholesterol and Natural Sugars

A variety of fruits and vegetables are freshly available during the holiday season making Christmas salads a cheap and nutritious option for the health conscious. Salads are great taken on their own or as an accompaniment to a main meal. Incorporating salads in the main dish will detract one from eating more of the rich foods. The fresh vegetables so incorporated will provide the needed roughage that will aid in digestion and thereby preventing possible stomach upsets. Fresh fruits and vegetables taken an hour before the main meal will also prevent one from eating too much of the rich meal and are quite refreshing.

For that sweet treat in between the Christmas meals, fruits salads topped with jello are ideal especially for the children. On a hot afternoon, the chilled jello will be cool delight. Fruit salads are great desserts and the natural sugar ideal for the weight watchers, especially when accompanied with just a little Christmas cake thereby reducing the amount of sugar intake. The banana contains healthy cholesterol and sugar making it quite filling and should be taken before a meal.

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