Thursday, October 21, 2010

Roofing Materials as Stylish Finishing

A house can never be complete without a roof, so when thinking of interior decorating for a home, the roof is a necessary inclusion. In the recent past, it is becoming increasing common to see colourful roofing dotting the landscape. Apart from offering essential protection for the interior of a house against natural elements, the roof contributes greatly in the way a house looks. The choice of roofing materials to use is greatly determined by the locality and hence the prevailing weather as much as personal taste and style.

Economical Choice of Roofing Materials

A key factor to consider when selecting roofing materials is the cost since this is a long term investment. Different roofing materials have different price ranges. In Kenya the most pocket friendly of them is the thatch roof going for less than two hundred shillings per square metre. However this type of roof does nothing to complement a modern town house though it is common in rustic and tropical themes. Iron sheet roofing of different gauges cost from a little over two hundred to five hundred shillings per square metre with concrete tiles going for about four hundred shillings. Clay tiles cost about six hundred and have the advantage of being light weight and rain runoff from them is very safe as they contain no paint and lead. These types of tiles also work well in different climates and décor themes.

A roofing style that is gaining popularity makes use of glass. This though stylish is quite expensive to mount due to the delicate nature of glass. Ultimately, the choice of roofing materials should be able to satisfy the individual home owner’s taste as well as being suitable for the existing weather conditions. Different roofing styles require unique materials that will bring out the best in this essential interior decorating aspect.

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