Monday, January 17, 2011

Nutritional Benefits of Potatoes

Healthy eating options need to be carefully considered in any household just as the other factors that concern a family such as their interior décor options. Foods that are not beneficial to the body may cause a myriad of problems health wise and cost the family unnecessary expenses. One very healthy food type that is a staple in most diets is the potato. Controversy is still raging on the nutritional value of the potato with one side arguing that it is full of unhealthy calories and no nutrients while others swear on the medicinal benefits of this tuber. The potato was first cultivated over seven thousand years ago in the Americas and from there its cultivation has spread all over the world.

Jacket Potatoes and Salsa Toppings

To enjoy the full benefits of the potato it is advised to leave the skin on as most of the nutrients are stored just under the skin. The skin also tastes great when grilled or baked. The potato is believed to contain about half of the recommended daily intake of Vitamin C, which aids in healing by boosting the immune system and the absorption of iron. Contrary to popular misconceptions, potatoes do not contain cholesterol and they do add natural fibre to the diet. It is also rich in other essential vitamins and minerals including potassium, vitamin B6 and ten percent of the recommended daily intake of iron.

The potato is a healthy vegetable that can be enjoyed in a variety of ways including boiling, baking and in some cultures raw. It is fat free with no cholesterol but some toppings added to it such as creams, cheeses and butter increase the fat and cholesterol level. Healthier toppings should be other vegetables such as broccoli, onions, mushrooms and garlic or some hot salsa for an additional healthy flavour.

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josiahjoab said...

Wow what a great discovery I've learned from you. I wish to know what kind of the potato, the English(waru) or the local (ngwaci)? Thanks