Monday, December 6, 2010

Planning a Christmas Barbeque Menu

When planning a family barbeque, one prays for fair weather first and foremost so that the entire crowd can enjoy the grilled treats in the beautiful yard. Tents or other such party covering is a good idea just in case the weather is not all that fair. Well, the weather conditions may not be in our control but the barbeque menu and recipes are, so after the prayer for fair weather conditions how about getting creative on the grill. Meat and meat products such as beef, chicken, goat, lamb, pork, bacon and sausages are top on the list of barbeque items. Fish and other seafood are also great when grilled. These taste exceptional when marinated in different ingredients preferably overnight before being grilled or roasted. The marinade helps to tenderize the meat and this coupled with the extra flavouring makes the meat go down so well.

Nutritious and Balanced Barbeque Menu

Another favourite barbeque item is sausages which taste different when grilled and tend to be healthier than the deep fried variety. When expecting kids at the barbeque be sure to include these in different flavours as they are a favourite. For a more filling barbeque menu, potatoes and other tubers such as sweet potatoes and arrowroots are great when grilled. Children are bound to enjoy their potatoes as fries and it would be alright to indulge them. Other great starches include ugali which is a staple with roast meat and chapattis.

Complete and balance the diet by including lots of fresh fruit juice and lemon water to wash it all down. Fresh fruits are also great thirst quenchers and add to the colourful display and holiday décor. Some fruit flavours are also enhanced by a bit of grilling; have you ever sampled lightly grilled pineapple rings? Try them this Christmas and savour their flavour.

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