Friday, December 3, 2010

Tips for Christmas Lighting Set-up

Christmas time is here and how about adding more pomp and colour to this festive season by installing lights to that Christmas tree, the roof or on the tree in the yard. However it is important to pay attention to some precautions before setting up this fabulous holiday décor. Make sure the lights used are ideal for the area to be lighted such as indoor lights for indoors and outdoor lights for outdoors. Secondly, get enough lights for the area or surface so that the intended effect is achieved. Whenever possible, test the lights before leaving the store to make sure they all work and that the cabling is in good condition.

Indoor and Outdoor Christmas Lights

Always have an extra strand of lights handy incase one of the strands refuses to work. This extra strand will also come in handy incase there was a miscalculation and the set strands do not reach the power outlet. Consider using short strands that can plug into each other as they are easier and cheaper to replace incase of a fault or one burns out. Some lights are fitted with an inbuilt circuit breaker which is helpful if an overload occurs. If one is not fitted, consider using an extension cord with such a device to protect the home’s electrical wiring.

Whenever possible, get professional help from a qualified electrician to set up the lights and put up any electrical outlets needed. This may cost a little more but will save tons of frustrations, accidents and mishaps. It may also get the work done faster and hassle-free. And as always, it is wise to follow the manufacturer’s safety precautions and instructions for setting up the lights. All models are not the same and so make sure to read the manual thoroughly to ascertain ratings especially for imported models.

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