Thursday, December 2, 2010

Art in Christmas Décor

Christmas time is ideal for showcasing artistic talent that depicts this global season. Diverse art forms are being used that beautifully complement the holiday décor. With a little creativity traditional and contemporary art pieces can be tastefully incorporated into the holiday décor theme. In the living room, vases and pots in Christmas colours are great for holding a holiday flower arrangement. Clay pots strikingly complement a red and white or red and green holiday colour scheme, whether used to hold flower arrangements or showcased on their own. Christmas tree ornaments such as bells, balls, stars and garlands come in a variety of styles, designs and made of diverse materials, some of which are great works of art that greatly enhance the holiday mood.

Creative Talent for Christmas Décor

Nativity scenes herald the Christmas season like no other item could. Small figures of the traditional manger nativity scene can be placed on a fireplace mantle or set up under the Christmas tree. There are also great professionally done paintings of the nativity scene that will tastefully add to the holiday wall décor. Contemporary Christmas scenes incorporating a Santa, his elves, reindeers and sleigh are also available in figurines or as paintings which may include a snowman too, a favourite with the little ones.

For the artsy household, the Christmas season is a great opportunity to harness and showcase this creative talent by creating Christmas decorations and gifts. The Christmas tree can do with a little personal touch by making the ornaments to adorn it. The whole family can be involved in making beautiful personalized Christmas cards to give out to friends and family. Stunning wall décor for children’s rooms can also be home made as gifts or highlighting the Christmas season by putting up wallpaper, accents or borders in holiday themes to complement each room’s décor.

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