Thursday, December 2, 2010

Tips for Decorating for Christmas

It is Christmas time and one cannot help but notice the cheerful mood in the air. This feeling of good cheer is always brought into the home by inclusion of appropriately themed holiday décor. Some put up holiday décor by the beginning of December while others wait until a week or a few days to Christmas. Either way holiday décor always sets the home into the holiday mood and cheer. The living room being the window to the home and the most public room in the house should be forefront in enhancing this mood. All the elements in the living room such as the furniture, drapes, lighting as well as surfaces like the floor, wall and ceiling can be used to heighten this season’s mood by adding fitting décor.

Heightening the Christmas Mood

Apart from the usual holiday décor such as garlands and ornaments, the senses can heighten the holiday mood in very interesting ways. The power of music cannot be ignored and playing Christmas carols in the living room as well as lighting scented, Christmas coloured candles that exude Christmas scents fill the senses with the Christmas season. If one can afford it, there can be holiday drapes or a rug that are put up only during Christmas. Alternatively, white drapes with red, green or blue trims will go well with Christmas décor.

Some Christmas décor stays up till mid January and so the type of décor and the technique used to put it up should take this duration into account. In such a case and where the Christmas tree and wreath is live then the necessary care procedures must be in place so that it does not wilt and become an eyesore. The lights and other ornaments put on the tree should be firmly affixed so that they do not come lose.

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