Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Young Adult Decor

As the teenager transitions to a young adult, it is time for a little more interior decorating to transform their room into a more mature one. The beauty of this venture is that at this stage they have formed their identity and they know what they want to represent this, meaning they can be involved in the decision making and thereby taking the load off of the parent somewhat. Again some of the items in the room hold sentimental value and will have to be incorporated into the new décor, which is a money-saving technique. The furniture may just need a fresh coat of paint to be transformed to fit the young adult’s new décor style.

Restyling a Young Adult’s Bedroom

A little rearranging of the furniture will transform a room to freshness instead of getting a whole new set of furniture especially if the furniture is still usable. Young adult’s preferences are bound to change from time to time during this self discovery phase as they look to establish their identity and freedom so it is wise to not overspend and look for cheaper alternatives instead. This goes also for the wall, where wallpaper will be a wise and cheaper choice that can be changed at minimal cost as opposed to paint.

Young adults may not be as fussy as teenagers and it is usually easy to convince them to buy cheap and unique accessories from garage sales and other thrift shops. The bedding for a young adult in most cases is the same as for a mature adult’s bedroom so it is not difficult to find a suitable set. Drapes, lamps and throw cushions can also be used to accentuate a young adult’s interior decorating stylishly and at an affordable cost since these items can effortlessly be interchanged between rooms in a house.

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