Monday, November 29, 2010

Decorating a Guest Room

All homes will have guests at some point and they have to be included in the interior decorating plans by dedicating a room where they can feel welcome. Most people are comfortable in their own spaces and especially their own beds so it is important to have a guest room that is a homely and as comfortable as possible for the guest to feel at home. The idea of decorating a guest room is to have it mimic the comfort of a five-star hotel as much as possible. To start with invest in a good quality, comfortable bed and mattress that will ensure a good night’s sleep for any guest.

Guest Room Essentials for Comfort

Secondly, clean bed linen will add to the coziness of the room as will extra pillows and blankets. It is always important to have extra bed and bath linen for the absolute comfort of the guests. Some guests are well taught and will change the bed linen as they leave and having the extra set will facilitate this good deed! A chair and table are a necessity as some guest like to sit and have a cup of something before they retire as they do some reading or work on their laptops. The table or chair will also be ideal to set down their suitcase when they need to get a change of clothes or other necessary items.

Privacy is important to all and especially to guests so choose window drapes that provide privacy and light control. It is also important to provide enough closet space and extra hangers in the closet even though the guest may have nothing to hang. As a rule of thumb interior decorating for guest rooms should incorporate neutral colours and artwork that are not too boring or additional pastels that liven up the room.

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