Sunday, November 28, 2010

Favourite Nursery Colours

For any family interior decorating for the nursery must be the most fun and exciting activity. However, the most important factor must be ensuring that the little one will be most comfortable in their new home when they arrive. One crucial factor to consider is the colour of the room, how it will affect the little one and the lighting effect on the colour too. Nursery colours are meant to be calming and soothing as well as being able to induce the little one to relax and sleep without distraction as they spend most of their first year asleep.

Mixing and Matching Nursery Colours

It is safe to keep nursery colours simple with one or two main colour with one or two accent colours. The main colours must also be within the same family such as bright, pastel or muted with interesting splashes of accents from another family, for example, a muted blue on the walls accentuated with splashes of red in cushions or lampshades. The most common colours have been blues for boys and pinks for girls, however, there have been great variations to these and most nurseries are done in neutral colours that are considered ideal for either sex.

It is not uncommon to see a white nursery with lilac or red accents in different accessories like borders, trims, lampshades, curtains and even cushions. Only parents who are certain of the sex of their child go for the outright blue or pink. Other favourite main colours are pale yellow or green with accents to match. Most baby accessories and toys are red because it is the first colour that the human eye can distinguish so it would be advisable to include it in accents and accessories. The colour of the nursery flooring must accentuate the main colour and complement the entire interior decoration.

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