Friday, November 26, 2010

Decorating in Green

It has been well established that colour cannot be overlooked in any interior decorating as it plays a very central role in the overall décor theme and style. One vibrant colour that comes in a variety of shades, hues and textures is green, which is known to represent life and productivity. Different shades of green can be achieved by mixing varied amounts of the primary colours blue and yellow. All different shades of green is easy to blend with other colours in décor and when used with colours like white, blue or even black, it shines out naturally. It is a natural earth colour that can be creatively used to freshen and liven up any room in the home.

Green Colour evokes Freshness

On the floor a carpet decorated with different shades of green on a neutral background will add a splash of colour that can blend in with theme in the room. This is quite inexpensive because the carpet or rug can be moved to different rooms in the house when need arises. Green inspires peace, calm and quite and is good for a room that is a resting place like a bedroom. In the bathroom, green evokes feelings of freshness like the dew on leaves, while a kitchen incorporating components like the refrigerator or cabinetry in shades of green feels homey and nurturing.

A few well chosen pieces in green will blend in with any décor theme since green easily matches with other colours. Pale green throw pillows, vases or area rugs in cucumber or olive will brighten any room that has a darker colour scheme. These items can still be removed without interfering with the colour scheme or theme of the room. For a livelier splash of green, a few potted plants are always a welcome accessory for any interior decorating.

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