Monday, January 24, 2011

Fresh Green Paint Colour

Creative use of colour enhances interior décor themes and for this to be successful, adequate knowledge of the properties of different colours is essential. Elegant colour coordination in different décor element is such as wallpaper or paint, floor coverings and other soft and hard furnishings is what décor themes are all about. Wall paint colour is a major décor consideration that ultimately influences the choice of other minor elements for a balanced and harmonized décor. Green is one of the cool colours that also boldly brightens up any room in the house. It exudes freshness and its different tones and hues highlight other décor elements in the room. It is a calming colour with a soothing and serene effect. Pale blues and white strikingly accent this colour.

Calming and Green Paint Colours

Bright shades of green such as grass beautifully complement dark browns such as mahogany as the two colours enhance each other. Bright green is both playful and mature at the same time making it ideal for a child’s bathroom. This colour is also great for defining a ceiling in any room of the home especially when the walls are painted a lighter shade of green for a harmonized design. Sage, a calming shade of green is ideal for the bedroom and bathroom for a subdued and relaxing design. Its calming effect allows one to unwind hence its suitability for these two rooms. Sage also harmonizes well with other cool colours such as pale blues. Accessories like throws and vases in pale blue add a fresh feel to the sage room.

Mint, a pale green shade, creates an illusion of space in small rooms without being too overpowering or monotonous. It lets other colourful décor accessories to stand out and acts as a background for furniture, artwork and decorative prints in rugs and throws.

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