Friday, December 24, 2010

Making Christmas Dinner Special

It is becoming increasingly common to see people dining out on Christmas day. Traditionally Christmas dinner is an intimate and special meal prepared in the comfort of a home. Families usually meet at their parents’ home or in one of the sibling’s houses in turn. The meals prepared are elaborate in both their ingredients and in their presentation. All family members are present irrespective of the distance needed for travel. If the house is not big enough to accommodate all, some are booked into a hotel or stay with other relatives. This event brings out a unique sense of togetherness and sharing which spreads the good will associated with the season.

Eating Out at Christmas

Animated banter fills the dinner table as family members trade stories of their travels and catch up with each other. New members of the family are made to feel welcome whether this is due to new marriages or new born babies. Gifts are exchanged after the family dinner, which heightens the excitement of the day. Usually thoughtful gifts are given and in some cases specific people buy gifts for specific people, although some buy gifts for the entire family depending on their financial capability and creativity. The entire family is also engaged in playing games that further strengthen the bond. Some families also do the cleaning up together while taking advantage of this opportunity to catch up with each other.

Having Christmas dinner at a restaurant may not be as intimate as having it in the comfort of a home although some restaurants try to make this occasion very special.  Large families opt to book a whole section to themselves as opposed to having the Christmas dinner with other diners and strangers. The restaurant dinner does not afford the warmth of a home though it can be as special.

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