Thursday, December 23, 2010

Healthy Detoxifying Juices

The New Year is here and after all the indulgence and overindulgence over the holidays it is time to cleanse the body so that it can operate at its optimal level. This will increase productivity at the work place and increase energy levels. A great way to do this is to detox the body which means cleansing the digestive tract and the colon of toxins from fatty and unhealthy foods that might have been too hard to resist over Christmas. A juice detox is an easy and very helpful way of doing this and a few days of a juice detox diet can have perfect results. It is however advisable to get medical advice before beginning an intensive juice detox programme or a juice fast.

Detoxifying for Optimum Health

During this detox period the regular meals can be replaced with healthy fruit or vegetable juices and water which aid in elimination of toxins from the body. There is an increased tendency to snack during the holidays which can form into a habit well into the New Year. The snacks can be replaced with healthy juices. Celery should be included in the juices especially if one lives or works in a polluted area such as the city, since it is great at aiding in the elimination of carbon dioxide.

The basic idea of a juice fast or detox is that the body is given time to rest and rejuvenate and not use up energy digesting food. After finishing the detox programme, it is advisable to eat or drink foods that contain acidophilus such as yoghurts and cheeses. Acidophilus will help to grow back healthy bacteria in the colon and digestive tract that was lost during the detox. If during the detox you feel light headed or sick, stop the detox and eat some solid food.

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