Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Lawn Care and Christmas Parties

The holidays may be the ideal time to use the garden for a fun party for friends and family. So it is important to make sure that the garden is in good condition for such an event. For starters it is important to ensure that the space is enough for the expected company before setting it up. It is also essential to make extra plans to tend the garden before and after the party. This may include watering and mowing the garden a day before the party and top soiling after the party to encourage a more robust growth. Other colourful plants and flowers in the garden will heighten the festive mood, some of which may be incorporated in table centrepieces.

Stylish Garden Party Décor

Once this is taken care of consider setting up the garden furniture in a party theme if none is already set up. All weather material that is also stylish will be ideal. Shade trees in the garden will make for great umbrellas especially in fair weather and the chairs set around such a tree are a great complement to the garden décor. Holiday décor can also be hung from the trees such as ornaments and even Christmas lights which will come in handy as extra lighting if the party runs till evening.

Christmas garden parties are great for children who will enjoy the freedom of an open space to jump and play around. The open space is also ideal for party games where all participate. For a Christmas barbeque theme, the burner should be placed at a shady area on the garden preferably with a concrete floor since the heat from the burner may be harmful to the grass on the lawn. Trash cans placed strategically within the garden will discourage littering, leaving the lawn garbage-free after the party.

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