Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas tree for Holiday Décor

It is Christmas time once again and most homes will be decked with a Christmas tree, mostly live though some will go for the artificial variety. The type of tree used will depend on the individual style and taste as well as the space available to display this tree with all its festive trimmings including garlands, different types of ornaments and toppers. Rooms with limited space are greatly complimented by using artificial varieties which come in a wide range of colours and sizes. For an all out Christmas décor, a live tree is best as long as the height of the room to the ceiling is taken into consideration when choosing the tree.

Christmas tree Care Tips

Live Christmas trees are ideal indoor plants that complement the holiday interior décor functionally. Most people shop for ready cut Christmas trees which are already potted and treated for indoor use. There are different types of firs, spruces and pines used as Christmas trees and some last longer than others indoors without the needles wilting and falling off. The Fraser fir is most popular due to its high needle retention as long as it is well watered. Its branches are also quite firm and can hold enough ornaments without bending out of shape.

Nothing beats the fresh pine scent of a Christmas tree which aromatically signals the festive season. However to keep this scent going throughout the season the tree must be fresh at the time of purchase with no falling needles and must be watered regularly and adequately as they take up quite a huge amount of water daily. An easy way of taking down the tree is having a regular strong plastic bag under the tree, hidden with the skirt, which will just be pulled up around the tree and carried outside, tree and all.

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