Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Making Christmas Crackers at Home

For most people Christmas and the holidays spell fun. Different games are played during this time especially when family and friends gather. It is fun when all are involved in the games or other fun activities and it is more fun when setting up the rules and other intricacies of the games. A fun activity that all will appreciate is opening up Christmas crackers. These can be bought from the store but the extra time during the holidays can be well utilized in creating Christmas crackers at home. These are fairly easy to make and can involve the whole family.

Personalizing Christmas Crackers

The basic items needed are everyday items such as wrapping paper, a cardboard tube such as the toilet roll tube, a written message or picture, sweets and other treat and gift trinkets with the optional cracker snap. The tube is wrapped in light weight wrapping paper or other such material which is easily torn like crepe paper or wrapping tissue. The wrapper should be about two or three times the length of the tube which is place centrally before wrapping. One end of the wrapping paper is then rolled slightly and tied using a ribbon or a string.

The tube is then filled up with the Christmas treats, gift trinkets and the message. The optional cracker snap may also be included if it is available though this is not a must. It is a device placed in the tube so that the cracker makes a pop sound when opened hence the name, cracker. Tie up the other end and include additional decorations like glitter on the cracker top if desired. Christmas crackers are opened by pulling the two ends in opposite directions. They are ideally opened after the Christmas dinner though this may vary with different cultures and personal preferences.

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