Monday, December 13, 2010

Keeping Fit during the Holidays

Most people worry about putting on extra pounds during the holiday season but this not be a concern if certain measures are taken. Only a few very lucky individuals exempt from this worry, they can eat like a horse and still have no worries about putting on the extra kilos. For the majority a rich banquet means extra hours at the gym or a detox diet to ward off any potential additional weight. Christmas is a time to have fun and a fitness regime should be fun too especially considering the benefits accrued from such an activity. Being on holiday is not a ticket to slacken off on this regime but should incorporate it.

Plan an Activity-filled Holiday

For some people the office gym is the only place they work out but being on holiday from the office should not mean that no more work out till the New Year. Installing a home gym as a Christmas gift is a good idea that will help you to keep in shape during the holidays in the comfort of your home. This is a gift that will keep on giving because home work outs will continue for as long as the equipment is still in good condition and it will be an asset for all family members.

Going away for the holidays is also not an excuse to not work out. Plan so that some of the activities during the holidays will involve a good work out away from the gym environment. Keeping an active schedule during the holidays will help a lot in keeping away the unwanted extra weight. Taking care of one’s physical fitness should be a lifestyle that incorporates healthy eating and holidays are not an excuse to overindulge in all the rich and sumptuous meals presented, instead eat small portions but often. 

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