Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Focal Points in Interior Décor

Creative Living Room Furniture Arrangement

One of the most crucial dynamics of interior décor is furniture arrangement. Each room has its own key piece of furniture and a focal point. The key piece of furniture is usually arranged in relation to the focal point. For the living room, for example, the key piece of furniture is the sofa and until the recent past the television has been the focal point. In modern times, though, most homes have separate television rooms which double up as family rooms, leaving the living room for receiving and entertaining guests. One may then want to consider living room furniture arrangement around the fire place, a large painting or a spacious window. These focal points create great conversation areas especially if the living room is used for relaxing and entertaining.

However there are several factors to consider as one goes for these contemporary decorating ideas. Chief among them being, the size and shape of the room, which also affects traffic flow. If the room is not limited in space, then dividing the room into two or more separate conversation groupings is ideal. In such a scenario one needs to be very creative in living room furniture arrangement such that the space is well utilized. A path may be created between the groupings and the area rugs used as borders to make them distinct. All these should be done with the aim of adding coziness and warmth to the room.

Still, not all rooms will have a distinct focal point like the fire place, a spacious window or the large painting. In such cases, the decorator has to be able to create a focal point with the living room furniture arrangement. For interior décor, this is likened to a fresh canvas where the decorator is free to explore creativity and individual taste.


Anonymous said...

thanks for this. i find most times one can have just two or three items but just cant seem to get it right.. need a focal point!

thitu said...

I often wonder why you see homes and even with so little furniture it looks off...foal point! thanks

House Of Decor Kenya said...

You should try it and let me know how it goes. What is the focal point of your living room for example?