Thursday, October 7, 2010

Guidelines for Selecting a Bathtub

Recently, bathtubs are being considered an essential part of bathroom interior décor. These are often times combined with showers or each as separate stand alone units. Selecting a bathtub that suits ones bathroom need not be a daunting task especially when certain considerations are put in place. Of course the dimensions of the tub are of paramount consideration as they will determine its positioning in the bathroom. The size of the tub should also comfortably accommodate the user or users as the case may be.

The style of the bathtub is another aspect to consider. Bathtubs are trendy for their therapeutic value among other reasons and soaking tubs are ideal for relieving stress and for relaxation. These are usually deeper than the regular tubs and require much more water to fill. Other styles include the alcove and the jetted or whirlpool tubs among others. The styles are determined basically by the functionality of the tub and the materials used to make them. When it comes to the materials used, one needs to consider the weight that will be exerted on the bathroom floor and if the floor will be able to accommodate this weight. Another important facet in selecting a bathtub should be the amount of water and energy needed to operate it. If these need to be stepped up, then the budgetary considerations should be in place if one is to enjoy the full benefits of the tub.

With proper maintenance a bathtub can last a long time. When selecting a bathtub, the materials used to make the tub and their maintenance requirements should be properly assessed. The colour of the tub should be one that blends in with the general colour scheme of the bathroom. Incorporating a bathtub in bathroom interior décor makes bath times satisfyingly more special.


Jackie said...

Thanks for the info, am one of those who think that if i have to get a bathtub it has to be white. I especially love the middle one, cute and different.

House Of Decor Kenya said...

Glad to hear it! You should spoil yourself. Get something different and extravagant just for you!