Monday, October 11, 2010

Delightful Wall Décor

The walls of a home are the biggest single feature to consider in interior decorating. Wall décor is an interesting way to ensure that they are not left lifeless and empty. Chosen carefully these decorations will convert any wall into a pleasurable image while adding personality and character to the entire room. As one considers appropriate décor ideas for a particular room, the walls should be incorporated. Walls are not merely a backdrop for furniture in a room, but they can be enhanced to add taste and style to the resultant décor. There are numerous ideas available to spruce up bland walls.

Paintings are the most common category of wall décor for both traditional and contemporary themes. These may be oil or water with oil being more durable and classy. The paintings may be on canvas, paper and a number of other materials, as may please the artist. The individual taste and décor theme will usually influence the type of painting one chooses. Another factor to consider with paintings is the finishing work or the frame for the particular art piece. Traditional frames are wooden with intricate designs carved on them, while the modern type frames may be plastic or iron and generally plain or with a simple design.

In modern times wrought iron art pieces are getting popular not only for furniture but also as wall décor. These when incorporated with African art give an unusual mixture of traditional and contemporary themes. They come in odd shapes and sizes that add quality and character to the wall. Tapestry, quilts and macramé, though traditional decorations, are also gaining popularity in modern décor especially in mixed themes. Wrought iron shelves are a great way of storing beautiful mementos while livening up the walls. Wall décor is definitely important in interior decorating.

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