Friday, November 5, 2010

Essential Camping Gear

Camping trips can be a great way of enjoying the outdoors while giving up, for a time at least, the basic modern conveniences that we are so used to. While it is true that some camping sites in the popular tourist spots come fitted with all these modernity, some are bare and the camper has to enhance their camping experience by providing at least the bare minimum. Preparing a camping check list when heading to the outdoors will be helpful in ensuring that all the necessary items are included in the trip. It will also save money, energy and time by avoiding unnecessary items that will only be a burden during the trip.

Preparing a Camping Checklist

The most basic item to consider is the food to be prepared during the outdoor trip, although some camping sites provide this necessity. All the same it is important to have food ideal for camping trips like canned bean, beef and even snacks and drinks. Water is an important necessity, as most campsites depend on streams and the water from these may need to be treated or boiled before consumption. It is important to include cooking utensils and cutlery if the campsite does not provide to aid in food preparation.

Heading to the outdoors means that one has to improvise a place to sleep, usually in the form of a sleeping bag in a tent, making these essential camping gear. The tented area has to be lined using a ground cloth to further ward off unwanted insects and small animals. Bedding including sheets, blankets and pillows as well as personal clothing will depend on the conditions at the campsite. Personal grooming should continue and personal items like toothbrushes and paste, deodorant and lotions must be included as essential camping gear.

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