Thursday, November 4, 2010

Decorating with Contemporary Art

Contemporary interior decorating is minimalist in nature using nouveau art pieces to further accentuate this style. Contemporary art is considered by most experts to any art created since the Second World War to date. Any art, including contemporary art, can be very controversial since what is beautiful art to one person may be hideous to another. Modern art means different things to different people and what one may see in a piece may not necessarily be what the artist intended. However there are striking contemporary art pieces that can be used to highlight and complement any décor theme.

Tapestry as Contemporary Art Décor

Contemporary artists are increasingly being drawn to tapestries and textiles due to their individuality created by the weaving process, making each piece a unique work of art. This attracts many art lovers who are not for the mass produced art common in recent times. Tapestries make for interesting décor ideas and can be used in any room and surface with the most obvious one being the walls. Handmade Persian rugs or batik pieces add an interesting and yet colourful effect to any room, which may create a focal point and increase the rooms character. Contemporary art concentrates mostly on the hues and tones and uses these to match the ambiance in a room.

Then there is the use of picture glasses that can be used for varied points in the home like the living room where they create remarkable focal points. In a child’s room the pictures could be of the favourite cartoon character and current pop idol for the teens. Picture glass cityscapes are ideal for contemporary décor and give the effect of space especially when placed opposite a window. Contemporary art including soapstone sculptures and pottery are readily available in art stores and exhibitions and incredibly complement any interior decorating.

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