Sunday, January 9, 2011

Picking a Honeymoon Destination

Planning a wedding can be fun, what with all the lovely décor that goes with the day. However, after the day’s drama there is the life to be spent together as a couple and to start a family. This future starts with the honeymoon and the choice of a honeymoon location is very important. A honeymoon destination needs to be relaxing and the whole vacation needs to be just as memorable as the wedding day itself, if not more. Apart from being romantic, honeymoon destinations can also be dramatic, scenic, historic and adventurous depending on the couple’s preference. Above all, the honeymoon should provide time for the couple to get to know each other in a relaxed, free and open atmosphere.

Beach or Historical Honeymoon Destinations

When deciding on honeymoon destination, get personal references whenever necessary as the best reviews come from past visitors. Friends, colleagues and relatives can be the best references and be sure to ask for details of why they liked the hotel or not. References are good but always keep in mind your own interests and what you expect from the establishment or the package. Most hotels offer special rates for honeymooners and be sure to check on extra charges that are not included in the package.

Most newly wed couples head to the beach for a honeymoon full of sun and sand. When this is the preferred package then bear in mind that it may be pricier than most other destinations and the budget has to be carefully considered. For the historically inclined a honeymoon in Europe, Africa or the Far East is ideal in that they offer a lot of historical monuments and scenic sightseeing spots. Have all the necessary documentation and in some cases immunizations ready in good time to prevent unnecessary delays when travelling out of the country.

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