Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Family Cookout

One great way to enjoy the lovely lawn and the patio or gazebo you incorporated in your interior decorating is having a family cook out. It will do wonders to the family bonding and is a wonderful way of enjoying the good weather and using the attractive garden furniture. A child’s birthday is a great opportunity for a family cookout where friends and family are invited for a superb day of eating, drinking and making merry. The menu for such an event is most important and must include all the age groups present. A barbeque does this perfectly as well as having a different meal like a casserole ready for the younger age group who might not be able to wait for the grilled stuff.

Planning a Cookout Menu

It is important to shop as a family and well in advance for such an occasion to ensure that all necessities are covered. Enough napkins and cutlery is essential for a smooth running event without having to dash to the store. Also depending on the number of guests and their preferred drink, stock up on a variety juices and soft drinks and have them chilled well before the guests arrive. Different snacks like crisps and dips will keep the guests busy before the grilled stuff is ready.

Wet weather can spring up on a sunny day unannounced so to be on the safe side, pitch tents over garden furniture, which will be practical in case the sun is scorching too. Hamburgers, hot dogs, chips, sausages, corn on the cob and a variety of fruits and vegetables are favourite or all age groups so be sure to include these in the menu. Desserts like ice cream and cake are always a welcome treat. Plan well and enjoy a day with family and friends in your garden.

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