Friday, October 29, 2010

Making Crafts at Home

Any interior decorating can be greatly enhanced by a couple of hand made crafts and other items to further adorn the home. Making crafts together as a family works wonders for family bonding and improving relationships. For the children, working with their hands increases their creativity and motor skills as well as sharpening their brain development and imagination. Crafts for the home range from small boxes to hold items on a desk or mantle piece to hand made carpets and wall rugs. Readily available materials can be used to create unique pieces that significantly draw attention to the home’s décor.

Crafts to Liven each Room

Every room in the house can benefit from home made crafts and the occupants of the bedrooms can be involved in creating personalized crafts for their living space. Attractive washcloths can be made for the kitchen using crotchet and knitting techniques and colourful yarn that is absorbent enough. The dining room will be livened up using creative and unique place mats made from banana fibre, sisal, light weight cardboard, knitting yarn and the commonplace pieces of cloth. The whole family will enjoy making personalized book marks for each other with meaningful messages in artistic writing or drawings.

To add that romantic flair in the home, consider moulding your own candles! These can be made from used candles which are melted and poured into containers that have the desired new shape. Once the wax sets, they can be carefully removed from the containers and hey presto, new candles. It is important to be mindful of the hot wax, especially near children, to avoid burn accidents. Different colours can be mixed to add a little bit of originality, while at the same time be careful not to mix so many scents. Home made crafts definitely add to the elegance of interior decorating.

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