Saturday, December 18, 2010

Holiday Wall Décor

The holiday season can be considered a time for new beginnings and certain alterations in the home’s interior décor will give it a more finished look while adding character. Such alterations like wall trims are stylish enhancements for the holiday décor that can still be functional even after this season well into the New Year. There are different wall trims available all which add charm and personality to the wall they are installed on. Ledges are functional wall trims that are installed about a foot from the ceiling and can be used to hold holiday décor items or gifts. When the holiday season is over these items can be replaced with others like sports trophies or family keepsakes.

Wall Trims for Christmas Décor

The hooks on wall ledges are ideal for hanging Christmas stockings or holiday theme paintings or pictures which can be replaced with other functional items in the New Year such as family portraits. Such ledges are ideal for holding plants with a trailing vine which is ideal as holiday greenery and still functional later on. Ceiling mouldings are ideal for wall borders and can be inexpensively installed. One strip of the moulding is attached at the top of the wall next to the ceiling and the second strip about eight inches below it. The two strips can be painted a contrasting colour from the wall for a more dramatic effect with the space in between done in a complementing colour.

Chair rails are wall trims installed in the middle of the wall, about the height of the chair to prevent it from marking the wall on contact. Since it divides the wall into two, contrasting or complementing colours, such as white and red, blue or green can be used for the two portions of the wall and still be relevant after Christmas.

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