Thursday, January 20, 2011

Organizational Ideas for a Teen’s Room

A teenager’s room is their haven, this is where they hang out, sleep, study and even entertain. Since they spend most of their time here, they also tend to be very particular about how everything looks and especially the interior décor. Teenage years are characterized by a search for a new identity and in the process teens seem to acquire quite a bit of clutter that needs to be organized and kept in an orderly manner. This is easily achieved by having a designated place for every item. The closet is a good place to start. All the clothes should be removed and sorted. What does not fit or is not trendy anymore should be kept aside and donated. Those that are not in good condition should be thrown away.

Shelves and Organizers for Storage

After getting rid of unwanted items, it is time to organize the room into zones for sleeping and studying and storing items that are still useful.  The bed can be raised and the space used to store out of season clothing and beddings. Other items such as video games, movies and music CDs can be put in boxes which can then be rolled under the bed. A study table is crucial in a teen’s room and to better organize this area, have specific items placed in specific places. Shelves put up on top of the study table are great for using up vertical space for storage.

Shelves solve a lot of storage issues and the wall can be lined in these for storing trophies and other collectible items. The space above a window or a door is ideal for such shelves. Clear plastic shoe organizers can be used for storing a number of items and not only shoes. These organizers are great for makeup or toiletries in an adjoining bathroom.

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