Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Functional Kitchen Lighting

A very important factor to consider when engaging in interior decorating for the kitchen is the lighting. The kitchen should have as much natural light as possible which can be enhanced with decorative lighting for the evenings and for days that are not so bright. Adequate lighting will ensure a smooth flow of the duties and ease meal preparation techniques. Overhead lighting is common and works well for smaller kitchens, however in larger kitchen, overhead lighting alone increases shadows and some dark corners. Larger kitchen benefit from low voltage under cabinet lighting that makes sure all work tops and the sink area are well lit. Marble work tops will shine to their full splendour under this type of lighting.

Enhancing the Kitchen’s Natural Light

A well lit kitchen will create a happy mood that will result in happy and creative meals being served out of the kitchen. Natural light in the kitchen can be increased by removing window coverings or going for sheer curtains, having a skylight window also adds character to the kitchen. The kitchen door can also be replaced with a glass door that lets in more natural light. Lighting can be used to highlight the kitchen fixtures by installing lights inside a cabinetry with glass doors to display the beautiful items inside.

Ventilation in the kitchen is very important and in hot climates ceiling fans are installed even in the kitchen. A ceiling fan with light will not look drab but will rather enhance the overall elegant look. A striking ceiling fan with light may end up being the focal point in the kitchen so it has to blend in well with the décor and be just the right size. The illumination from any kitchen light fixture must be sufficient for the function of the room and heighten the kitchen interior decoration.

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nicesonu said...

wow! love the lamp lights! they will surely create a unique Bathroom looks that is warm and inviting. personally my dream kitchen has these lights from VGK " Kitchen Lighting " this blog is full of wonderful designs and positive thoughts on the remodel